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Vault UCM-FX USB Condenser Podcast Microphone Kit with built in headphone out Volume /Gain control and Mute button for Gaming, Podcasting, Conference Calls, Recording, Singing and Dubbing - (USB Mic...


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Vault UCM-FX USB Condenser Podcast Microphone Kit with built in headphone out Volume /Gain control and Mute button for Gaming, Podcasting, Conference Calls, Recording, Singing and Dubbing - (USB Mic - E01)

Vault UCM-FX USB Condenser Podcast Microphone Kit with inbuilt headphone out, mute, echo and volume controls - High Performance Studio Condenser USB Microphone With Tripod Stand for YouTube, Videos, Singing, Recording, Gaming, Podcasting, Speech, Conference Calls. Vault UCM-FX is a stylish high performance USB condenser microphone with a (unidirectional) cardioid polar pattern. It delivers studio quality sound for various applications like Podcasts, Voiceovers, VoIP/Conferences, Vocals, Recording, Gaming, etc. The inbuilt headphone-out has great convenience so you can directly monitor your voice quality in real time, without any latency, and you can adjust your volume level directly on the microphone’s (Headphone) volume control knob. The mute button is a feature generally found only in much more expensive mics, and provides direct control during multi-speaker settings like podcasts and meetings. Adjustable echo effect makes the UCM-FX highly versatile and useful for singing, recording of speeches or verse recital. Simply adjust the level of echo effect needed on the echo knob.


Vault UCM-FX is a plug-n-play USB studio microphone which means that there are no drivers needed to be installed. Simply connect the microphone into your PC or Mac using the cable provided in the box and start recording using your favorite recording software.

Adjustable gain with 3.5mm headphone out

UCM-FX comes equipped with an adjustable gain and a headphone output port. With a built-in headphone out, there are no drivers to be installed for UCM-FX. You can easily monitor your voice in real-time without any latency, and can even control levels with the Headphone Volume Control, to ensure your recording sounds just the way you want it to.

Echo FX

Vault UCM-FX comes equipped with an onboard echo effect, you can control the amount of echo you want to add to your voice using the knob on the microphone. Now spice up those recordings or add an effect to your singing. This is a great feature to have for any USB microphone.

Versatile Mounting Options

Vault UCM-FX USB microphone comes with a desktop stand so you can easily place it near you - whether you're recording a podcast or attending a conference call. It can also be attached on a boom stand or a standard mic stand.

Cardioid Polar Pattern Design

UCM-FX ensures high sensitivity along with a (unidirectional) cardioid polar pattern which reduces unwanted sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of the recording source. This allows you to control a dedicated area around the microphone and achieve clean captures along with high quality voice recordings.

Multi-Purpose USB Microphone

UCM-FX is a multi-purpose USB microphone that can capture crystal clear voice overs, it also works great for podcasting, video chats, gaming, broadcasting, vocal recording, conference call, recording musical instruments, interviews, voice recording, video conference, etc.

Foam windscreen included

The included foam windscreen for high wind protection ensures quality recordings in adverse environments


• Type: Ø16 Electret Capacitor
• Polar Pattern - Cardioid
• Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz
• Sensitivity: -47 dBV / Pa (12.6 mV)
• Maximum SPL: 108 dB (THD <1% at 1kHz)
• Power supply: USB power supply (5V DC)
• Pointing Characteristics: Heart Shape
• Bit depth: 16 bit
• Sampling frequency: 48 kHz
• Headphone output power: 150mW (at 1 kHz, 1% T.H.D., 16Ω)
• Headphone output interface: Ø3.5mm stereo headphone jack)
• Total harmonic distortion: <0.5% (at 1kHz)
• Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% (at 1kHz)
• Multi-System Compatibility - Mac + Windows
• Plug and play USB recording microphone
• Zero Latency Headphone Monitor
• On-board Echo Effect
• Ideal for Gaming, Podcasting, Conference Calls, Recording, Dubbing

Package Contents:
• USB Condenser Microphone
• Tripod
• Foam Window Screen
• USB Cable
• User Guide

Made in China

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