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Vault KT-61 Keytone Touch Sensitive - 61 Key Keyboard With Bajaao Gigbag - Overview:   The new Vault KT-61 Keytone is here!! The slim & stylish Vault KT-61 comes with a...


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Vault KT-61 Keytone Touch Sensitive - 61 Key Keyboard With Bajaao Gigbag - Overview:


The new Vault KT-61 Keytone is here!!

The slim & stylish Vault KT-61 comes with a simple yet intuitive Display Interface & a well-organized layout. The keyboard delivers an exciting combination of versatile learning & a plethora of Tones, Rhythms & Demo songs to practice with.

Bundle Includes : 
  • Vault KT-61 Keytone Touch Sensitive 61-Key Keyboard
  • Bajaao 61-Key Keyboard Gigbag
  • Bajaao Microfiber Polishing Cloth
  • A one month online lesson free trial from
  • Bajaao Ebook which is a great beginners guide to the Instrument

The Vault KT-61 features 61 keys (with Touch Response), full-range stereo speakers and additional functions like - Sustain, Vibrato, Split, Transpose, Fine tuning, Intro/ending, Metronome (to practice well timed and accurate performances) & an 8 Panel Micro Drum Pad that allows you to trigger drum and percussion samples. 

Record & Playback Mode - The Vault KT-61 also features Instant Audio Recording and Playback, allowing you to review and monitor your performance. 

LCD Display - With its clear and intuitive LCD display, the keyboard is incredibly simple to use.

Teach Mode - The Demo mode comes with a One Key Demo All function & an additional follow teaching function.

Chord Modes - The Vault KT-61 comes with Single Chord, Fingered Chord, Chord Volume Control & Chord Clear function.


  • Model : Vault KT-61 Keytone
  • No. of Keys : 61 Keys (with Touch Response/Touch Sensitivity)
  • Polyphony : 16
  • Display : LCD
  • Tones : 300
  • Rhythms : 300
  • Demo Songs : 40
  • Functions : Sustain, Vibrato, Double Voice, Split, Transpose, Fine tuning, Intro/Ending, Metronome / Beats, Touch Response
  • Record : Record, Play, Program
  • Drum Controls : 8 Panel Micro Pad Drum Triggers
  • Style Control : Rhythm Volume Control
  • Chord Modes : Single chord, Fingered chord, Chord clear & Chord Volume Control
  • Teaching Mode : Demo all, One key, Follow teaching
  • Inputs : Headphone jack, Microphone jack & USB MIDI
  • Power Adapter : 9V500mA (DC)
  • Includes : Music Stand, Manual, Power adapter
  • Size : 1008*431*171mm
  • Weight: 5.4kgs

Bajaao 61-Key Keyboard Gigbag 

A high quality gig bag to keep your 61-key instrument safe and sound. With a high quality nylon material and heavy-duty 6060 outer cover, the Bajaao 61-Key keyboard gigbag will prevent your keyboard from any wear and tear along with dirt.


  • Made of High quality Nylon Materials
  • Black color
  • Outer cover is heavy-duty 6060 twill nylon to lock out dirt and spills
  • 8MM High-Density soft foam padding inside the bag absorbs the bumps of normal handling
  • Edges and handles are made of thick parachute webbing for extra strength and durability
  • Separate outside pocket made specially to keep adaptor & cables
  • External Dimension (Length x Bottom Width x Depth) In Inches : 39.5 x 16.2 x 5
  • Internal Dimension (Length x Bottom Width x Depth) In Inches : 39 x 15.7 x 4.5

Bajaao Microfiber Polishing Cloth

The BAJAAO Microfiber Polishing Cloth is made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. One strand is 10 times finer than silk and 100 times smaller than a human hair. Microfiber is preferred for its very lightweight, super absorbency, and rapid drying properties. The polishing cloth rapidly absorbs up to 7 times its weight in moisture and can be used safely on any surface. Polishes your keyboard to a brilliant shine.

1 Month Free Online Lessons & E-book

The bundle covers the user for Free 1 Month Online lessons from and also an E-book, which will enable the user to learn basics of learning the instrument without the need to depend on various tutorials to learn the same.The Online lessons are a huge boost to new learners and can help develop the skills/tips to learning to play the instrument. Get started without any hassle and do it by yourself. Now Go Play!

This product includes Beginner's Guide to Learning Keyboard E-book

Made in China

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